Meet the Volunteers, Pt. 2

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Meet the rest of our team, and don’t forget: we’d love for you to join us! Get in contact with us if you’re interested in volunteering!



SEBS Class of 2017, Computer Science

Currently: Online coding instructor for grades 3-9

I wrote and launched the SSF Blog in addition to helping with application anonymization and other administrative tasks for SSF during the quarantine.

Outside of work and SSF, I’ve also been developing a Minecraft mod to help students learn computer programming with Minecraft more easily.



SEBS Class of 2019, Computer Science

Currently: Real Estate at CU Boulder

Staying motivated while attending classes entirely online has been hard, but thankfully the end of this academic year is almost here.

I have been super stressed with everything going on, but I’ve found a few hobbies to keep me sane.

I am enjoying gaming online with my friends, playing the piano, and taking plenty of naps.

I hope everyone who can is staying at home for the safety of everyone else! :)



SEBS Class of 2017, Engineering

Currently: Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Department of the Army at Fort Richardson, Alaska

Outside of work I keep myself busy by taking advantage of the spring thaw and exploring all the cool places my new home has to offer.

I spend plenty of time hiking in the Chugach Mountains, and I’ve even had a chance to take a road trip to the renowned port town of Valdez and to go camping at a glacial lake.


So far I’ve learned that pictures can never do justice for the outdoors!



PCHS Class of 2019

Currently: On a gap year but plan to return to my EMT classes in the fall

I’ve been spending time with family and taking my dog on five walks a day.

I spend some of my free time binge watching some TV shows, but I am focusing a lot of my energy on my drawings.

I’m looking forward to the end of quarantine when I plan to travel.

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Written by Holly Lakin on May 07, 2020