The Summer Before College

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Congrats! You’ve graduated high school! Your diploma is in hand, you’ve accepted an offer from a college (or are working it out)… now what? You might be feeling a little bit disoriented about the next 2-3 months. You figured out how to do high school, but what’s college going to be like?

Be glad you (probably) don’t have any summer homework for the first time since elementary school, and read on for some socially distant activities to do before you head off on your next adventure!

Wrap up loose ends

Make sure you download or copy transcripts from high school, including from any and all colleges you received college credit from (even if it doesn’t transfer to the college you’re going to in the fall). This is for your own records, so they don’t have to be official copies, but do make sure you have one for every institution you attended and stick it in a place you’ll remember. If you end up applying to grad school, you might need to know every single college class you’ve ever taken, including dual credit classes (*cough* med school *cough*).

Get in touch with your roommate

Get to know each other, exchange contact info and social media, and check up on one another throughout the summer. Get a head start on what will hopefully be an incredible friendship, and perhaps coordinate decor and basic supplies so you don’t end up with two mini fridges and no microwave.

Pro-tip: my freshman year roomie and I made a shared Pinterest board with decorating ideas and colors.

Gear up

Start compiling a list - somewhere you won’t lose, like on your phone - of things you’ll need to pack at the end of summer. Starting a list early will give you enough time so you’ll be less likely to forget things later. You can find oodles and oodles of college packing lists on the internet (Pinterest) and I’d recommend looking at a couple to start your own list and make sure you’re not forgetting anything important. Your college also probably has its own suggested packing list.


If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. So if you’re anything like me, you’ll be eyeing ALL the decorating ideas and ALL the DIYs. Or you might be stalking the aisles of Target looking for the perfect storage bins and wall decorations.

Get hyped

Go to your school’s website and look up a list of all their student organizations and club/intramural sports. Get excited about what you can be involved in! Or, if you’re really ahead of the curve, look up professors in your department and read about their research. Depending on your university and schedule, you might be able to get involved in research as soon as your freshman year!

Most of all, enjoy your summer!

Whatever your plans may be, take a moment to breathe and simply savor your time. 😉

What are your summer plans? What kinds of tips or stories would you like to hear from us next? Drop a comment below!

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Written by Holly Lakin on Jun 05, 2020