Turning Your Safety School into Your Dream School Pt. 2

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Last week I talked about my path since graduating from high school and what I’ve learned along the way about safety schools and college acceptances. This week I’m sharing more about how you can make a disappointing situation great!

Perks of Safety Schools


Often our safety options are significantly cheaper than dream schools. This was so helpful to my family and will allow me to graduate with only a few small loans, compared to the debt I would have acquired at one of my dream schools.

Quality of education

Research the programs you are interested in at your safety school. As long as they have the proper accreditation, you will learn the same things there as you would at a bigger or fancier school. In my transfer between my safety university to my dream university, I noticed that the quality of the education depended much more on the professors than anything else. You may find that the best teachers you’ve ever had just happen to work at your safety school!

Big Fish Small Fish

When attending my safety school, I felt much more relaxed and able to learn at my own pace and challenge myself when needed. At my current university, there are many times that I have felt like a small fish in the ocean. College is always going to be difficult; the important part is that you get through and come out the other side with a degree. Competition does not necessarily make for a better education.

Turning Your Safety School into Your Dream School

Even if you are not accepted into any of the programs you apply to the first time around, that does not mean you cannot have the college experience you always dreamed of. A huge part of what makes college great is that you are in charge! You decide who to be friends with, what jobs and internships to apply for, and where to live. You may be surprised at the services and programs offered at your college. You will learn all the little things that makes it a unique learning environment. And you will likely meet great people, study hard, decorate your dorm, struggle with learning how to adult, and much more, just like at your dream school.

Photo of me the day I took my first call as a volunteer EMT at my safety university.

(above) At my safety university, I was a volunteer EMT! This is me the day I passed my training and took my first call.

(below) I met my best friend at my safety school. This is us at a twenty one pilots concert!

Photo of me and my best friend, who I met at my safety university.

Remember that you are not alone, and you are capable of difficult things. Take advantage of support from your school, teachers, friends and family. We are rooting for you!

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Written by Lucie Sullivan on Jul 22, 2020