2023 SEBS Scholarship Recipient Announcement

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Happy graduation and start of summer to this year’s seniors! We have maintained our application number from last year; with 17 total applications, around a third of the senior class applied. We want to thank all the alumni volunteers for their hours spent reviewing each application and making sure every applicant got a fair, full review. We were excited at the engagement of our alumni community and hope to continue the turn-out into the future!

First Place


Susannah Baxter

$1,000 SEBS Scholarship Award + $100 Visa Gift Card

"The greatest thing SEBS did was strengthen my determination to succeed. In the coming years, I will be attending Colorado State University Pueblo as a nursing student, hoping to eventually join in aiding my community at Parkview hospital. I enjoyed every moment of SEBS biomedical program, minus the late nights, staying up till 3 am to study. However, all those moments made me into the student I am today, and I could not be more grateful for it. I am incredibly honored to be a recipient of this award. Thank you to all the donors and staff who made this opportunity possible, you have blessed me and will continue to bless many students in the future."

Second Place


Eric David

$100 Visa Gift Card

"With some of the support from the SEBS Scholarship Foundation, I'm able to pursue my dreams in cybersecurity at the University of Colorado Boulder. Throughout my time at SEBS, it has shaped my aspirations to aim higher and drove me to find ways to better myself in hopes of achieving something worthwhile. I express my sincere appreciation for being awarded the SEBS Scholarship which is driven by the extraordinary generosity of the donors and foundation members. I hope this foundation continues its invaluable impact on the lives of future SEBS graduates, enabling them to thrive and succeed in their endeavors."


This scholarship only happens because of the generous donations of community members like you. If you'd like to consider donating for next year's scholarship, you can do so here. This scholarship is funded yearly through grants and donations.

A huge thank you to this year's donors:

Levi Muniz, Aaron Duran, and Kris Allen.

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Written by Levi Muniz on Jun 19, 2023