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Free College Resources

Wondering how in the world you’re going to stay on top of assignments? Needing a little help with your english or chemistry homework? We’ve got you covered, and these resources won’t take a bite out of your wallet. Organization & Planning EmmaStudies- hands down my favorite place to find organization...

Published on Sep 01, 2020 by Holly Lakin

Meet Our New Vice President

A few weeks ago, our Vice President Levi Muniz announced he was stepping down from the Vice Presidency and Board of Directors. He will continue to volunteer for the Foundation and keep up with all the technology aspects. We will miss his leadership, but wish him all the best in...

Published on Aug 24, 2020 by Holly Lakin

7 Pro-Tips for Your First Week of College

Congrats! You’re finally here and classes are just around the corner! With so much going on (orientation, move-in, saying goodbye to friends and family, potentially moving hours away from home, etc etc etc) it’s normal to get to your first week of classes, assignments, and soon-to-come tests and feel like...

Published on Aug 18, 2020 by Holly Lakin

Dear 2020 College Freshmen, We're Sorry

I don’t think anyone in recent memory has navigated going to college in a pandemic of this scope in this modern society. For all the 2020 high school graduates, I am sorry you had to miss or have a highly modified graduation ceremony. This does not diminish your achievement, and...

Published on Aug 11, 2020 by Holly Lakin

Everything You Need to Know About Textbooks

Textbooks… one of my least favorite things about college just because of how variable the requirements are. So we’re going to lay down allll the details today! Do you need them? When should you get them? Where should you get them? Fear not! Read on, bold student! Do I really...

Published on Aug 04, 2020 by Holly Lakin